14 Year Old Boy Falls From Ride Full Video Reddit

14 Year Old Boy Falls From Ride Full Video Reddit

Last week, a video circulated on Reddit showing a 14-year-old boy falling from a ride at a local amusement park. The video, which was captured by a bystander, shows the boy slipping out of his seat and falling several feet to the ground below.

The incident occurred at the Funland Amusement Park in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The boy was riding the park’s “Slingshot” ride, which launches passengers into the air at high speeds. According to witnesses, the boy’s safety harness malfunctioned, causing him to slip out of his seat.

Funland Amusement Park

The Aftermath

After the boy fell, park employees rushed to his aid and called 911. The boy was taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Park officials released a statement saying that they were “deeply saddened” by the incident and that they were cooperating with authorities to investigate what happened.

The incident has raised questions about the safety of amusement park rides and the responsibilities of park operators to ensure the safety of their guests. Many people have taken to social media to express their outrage and demand better safety regulations for amusement parks.

Safety Of Amusement Park Rides

The Debate Over Safety Regulations

Amusement park rides are not regulated by the federal government, but are instead overseen by state governments. This has led to a patchwork of regulations that vary widely from state to state. Some states have strict safety regulations, while others have few or no regulations at all.

Advocates for stronger safety regulations argue that the lack of federal oversight has created a dangerous situation for park guests. They point to incidents like the one in Myrtle Beach as evidence that more needs to be done to ensure the safety of amusement park rides.

Opponents of stricter regulations argue that the amusement park industry is already heavily regulated by state governments and that additional regulations would be unnecessary and burdensome. They also point out that accidents like the one in Myrtle Beach are rare and that amusement park rides are generally safe.

Amusement Park Ride Accidents

The Future of Amusement Park Safety

The debate over amusement park safety is likely to continue in the coming years. As more and more people visit amusement parks each year, the need for strong safety regulations becomes increasingly important. It remains to be seen whether state governments will take action to strengthen regulations, or whether the industry will continue to operate with minimal oversight.

In the meantime, park guests can take steps to protect themselves by following all posted safety rules and using common sense when riding amusement park rides. They should also report any safety concerns to park employees or authorities immediately.


The incident involving the 14-year-old boy falling from the ride at Funland Amusement Park is a tragic reminder of the importance of amusement park safety. While the debate over safety regulations is likely to continue, it is clear that all parties involved have a responsibility to ensure the safety of park guests. By working together, we can help prevent accidents like this from happening in the future.

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