14 Year Old Dies At Icon Park Video Tiktok

Icon Park

Icon Park, a popular amusement park in Orlando, Florida, has been the site of a tragic incident that claimed the life of a 14-year-old girl. The incident occurred when the young girl was riding a popular attraction called “The Orlando StarFlyer.” This ride is known for its extreme height, which can reach up to 450 feet. It is a thrill ride that is very popular among teenagers who want to experience the adrenaline rush.

According to eyewitnesses, the young girl was riding the attraction with a friend when something went wrong. The ride suddenly malfunctioned, and the girl was thrown from her seat. She fell over 100 feet to the ground and was pronounced dead on the scene. Her friend, who was also riding the attraction, was traumatized by the incident.

Orlando Starflyer


The incident has sparked an investigation into the safety of the attraction. The police and fire department were immediately called to the scene and cordoned off the area. The ride was immediately shut down for investigation, and Icon Park released a statement expressing their condolences to the family of the victim.

The investigation has been ongoing, with experts examining the ride and its safety protocols. The ride’s manufacturer has also been contacted to determine if there were any design flaws or defects that may have contributed to the accident.

Icon Park Safety

The Family’s Reaction

The tragedy has left the family of the victim devastated. The young girl was described as a vibrant and happy teenager who loved life. Her death has left a huge void in the lives of her family and friends.

The family has released a statement expressing their grief and thanking the public for their support during this difficult time. They have called for a thorough investigation into the safety of the ride and have urged other families to be cautious when visiting amusement parks.

Icon Park Family

The Future of Icon Park

The incident has raised questions about the safety of amusement park rides and the measures that need to be taken to prevent such tragedies. Icon Park has stated that it is committed to ensuring the safety of its visitors and has promised to work closely with authorities to determine the cause of the accident.

The park has also announced that it will be implementing new safety measures and protocols to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. These measures will include increased safety inspections and training for staff members.

Icon Park Future

The Impact on TikTok

The incident has also had an impact on the popular social media app TikTok. The video of the tragic incident was shared on the platform, and it quickly went viral. Many users have expressed their shock and sadness at the incident, while others have criticized the sharing of such graphic content.

TikTok has since issued a statement condemning the sharing of such content and has pledged to work with authorities to remove any such videos from the platform. The incident has highlighted the need for responsible use of social media and the need for platforms to take responsibility for the content that is shared on their platforms.


The tragic death of the 14-year-old girl at Icon Park is a stark reminder of the importance of safety in amusement parks. It is a tragedy that has left a family devastated, a friend traumatized, and a community in shock. It is a reminder that we must always prioritize safety, whether we are visiting an amusement park or using social media.

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