Cody Garbrandt Vs Kai Kara France Full Fight Video

Cody Garbrandt Vs Kai Kara France Full Fight Video


On December 12, 2020, Cody Garbrandt and Kai Kara France faced each other in a highly anticipated flyweight bout at UFC 256. The fight was held at the UFC Apex facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. Fans were eagerly waiting to see whether Garbrandt could continue his comeback after a long layoff due to injuries and illness or if Kara France would be able to build on his recent success in the octagon.

First Round

The first round of the fight saw both fighters engage in a feeling-out process, with neither fighter landing any significant strikes. Garbrandt was able to land a few leg kicks, while Kara France attempted to counter with his own strikes. The round ended with both fighters appearing to be evenly matched.

Ufc 256 Cody Garbrandt Vs Kai Kara France

Second Round

In the second round, Garbrandt started to find his rhythm and landed a number of powerful punches that rocked Kara France. Garbrandt continued to press the action and landed a devastating right hook that knocked Kara France out cold. The referee quickly stepped in to stop the fight, and Garbrandt was declared the winner by knockout at 4:59 of the second round.

Post-Fight Analysis

The win was a huge boost for Garbrandt, who had been struggling in recent fights. He showcased his impressive striking skills and reminded fans why he was a former bantamweight champion. Kara France, on the other hand, suffered a setback in his quest for a title shot. However, he remains a top contender in the flyweight division and is sure to bounce back from this defeat.


Cody Garbrandt’s victory over Kai Kara France at UFC 256 was a spectacular display of his striking skills and a reminder to fans of why he is one of the most exciting fighters in the UFC. The knockout win was a huge boost for Garbrandt, who will be looking to continue his comeback in the months ahead. Meanwhile, Kara France will be looking to bounce back from this defeat and continue his own climb up the flyweight rankings.

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