Harriet Sugarcookie Distracts Zoe Doll While She Plays Video Games

Harriet Sugarcookie

Harriet Sugarcookie is a popular adult performer and YouTuber who is known for her funny, entertaining videos. Recently, she decided to have a little fun with her friend Zoe Doll while she was playing video games.

The Setup

Zoe Doll

Zoe Doll is a gamer and streamer who loves to play video games in her free time. Harriet decided to pay her a visit and see if she could distract her while she was playing. Zoe was up for the challenge and agreed to let Harriet try to distract her while she played a game.

The Game

Video Game

The game that Zoe was playing was a popular first-person shooter that required a lot of concentration and focus. Harriet knew that she would have to be creative if she wanted to distract Zoe and make her lose her focus.

The Distractions


Harriet came up with a variety of distractions to try to throw Zoe off her game. She danced around in front of the TV, made funny faces, and even tried to tickle Zoe to make her laugh.

The Result


Despite Harriet’s best efforts, Zoe managed to stay focused and continue playing the game. She was able to ignore Harriet’s distractions and keep her eyes on the prize.

The Aftermath


After the game was over, Zoe and Harriet had a good laugh about the experience. They both agreed that it was a fun challenge and that they had a great time trying to distract each other.

The Takeaway


While it’s fun to try to distract your friends while they’re playing video games, it’s important to remember that they might be trying to focus and enjoy the game. It’s always a good idea to ask them if they’re up for the challenge before you start trying to distract them.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, Harriet Sugarcookie and Zoe Doll had a fun time playing video games and trying to distract each other. While Zoe managed to stay focused and keep her eyes on the prize, it was still a fun challenge for both of them. If you’re looking for a fun way to spend time with your friends, why not try playing video games and seeing who can distract the other person the most?

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