John Legend All Of Me Music Video With Lyrics

John Legend All Of Me


John Legend is known for his soulful and emotional music, and one of his most popular songs is “All of Me.” This song was released in 2013 and quickly became a hit, reaching the top of the charts in several countries. The music video for “All of Me” features John and his wife, Chrissy Teigen, and has amassed over 1.8 billion views on YouTube. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the “All of Me” music video with lyrics.

The Music Video

All Of Me Music Video

The “All of Me” music video is a simple yet powerful visual representation of the love between John Legend and Chrissy Teigen. The video was directed by Nabil Elderkin and features John playing the piano and singing the lyrics to the song. Chrissy appears throughout the video, and we see intimate moments between the couple, including shots of them lying in bed together and walking hand in hand through a forest.

The video also features shots of John and Chrissy’s wedding day, including footage of Chrissy walking down the aisle and the couple exchanging vows. These moments add an extra layer of emotion to the song and make it clear that “All of Me” is a love letter from John to his wife.

The Lyrics

All Of Me Lyrics

The lyrics of “All of Me” are some of John Legend’s most heartfelt and personal. The song is a tribute to Chrissy Teigen and expresses John’s love for her in a raw and vulnerable way. The first verse of the song sets the tone for the rest of the lyrics:

“What would I do without your smart mouth? Drawing me in and you kicking me out. You’ve got my head spinning, no kidding, I can’t pin you down.”

Throughout the song, John sings about his love for Chrissy and how much she means to him. The chorus of the song is particularly powerful:

“Cause all of me loves all of you. Love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections. Give your all to me, I’ll give my all to you. You’re my end and my beginning, even when I lose I’m winning.”

The Meaning

All Of Me Meaning

“All of Me” is a deeply personal song for John Legend, and it’s clear that the lyrics are inspired by his relationship with Chrissy Teigen. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, John explained that the song was written about the unconditional love he feels for his wife:

“I wrote it because I was in love with my girlfriend, now wife, at the time. I wanted to express how much I loved her and how much she meant to me and how much she does still mean to me.”

The song is a celebration of true love and the way that it can transform our lives. It’s a reminder that even in our darkest moments, love can be a beacon of hope and light.

The Impact

All Of Me Impact

“All of Me” has had a massive impact on popular culture since its release in 2013. The song has been covered by countless artists, and it’s become a popular choice for first dances at weddings. The music video has also been a huge success, with over 1.8 billion views on YouTube.

But perhaps the most significant impact of “All of Me” has been on John Legend’s career. The song helped to solidify his status as one of the most talented and soulful musicians of our time, and it has opened up new opportunities for him in the music industry.


“All of Me” is a beautiful and emotional song that captures the essence of true love. The music video with lyrics is a powerful visual representation of John Legend’s love for his wife, and it has become an iconic part of popular culture. Whether you’re a die-hard John Legend fan or simply appreciate a good love song, “All of Me” is sure to touch your heart.

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