Kendra Sunderland 30 Minute Video At Oregon State Library

Kendra Sunderland


In 2015, Kendra Sunderland, a former Oregon State University student, became an overnight sensation after a 30-minute video of her masturbating inside the university’s library went viral. The video, which was filmed on a webcam, was uploaded to a popular pornographic website and quickly spread across the internet. It has since been viewed millions of times.

The Incident

The incident took place on the sixth floor of the Oregon State University library. Kendra Sunderland, who was 19 years old at the time, was sitting at a desk and using her laptop when she decided to start streaming the video. In the video, she can be seen exposing herself and masturbating for the camera.

Oregon State Library

The Aftermath

Within days of the video going viral, Kendra Sunderland was identified as the woman in the video. She was subsequently arrested and charged with public indecency. The university also issued a statement condemning her actions and stating that she was no longer a student at the institution.

Legal Troubles

Kendra Sunderland pleaded guilty to the charge of public indecency and was sentenced to one year of probation and a $6,250 fine. She also had to perform 10 hours of community service and attend a class on the dangers of social media.

Kendra Sunderland Arrested

Media Attention

The incident and subsequent legal proceedings garnered a lot of media attention. Kendra Sunderland was interviewed by several news outlets and appeared on various talk shows to discuss the incident. She also capitalized on her newfound fame by launching a career in the adult entertainment industry.


Kendra Sunderland’s actions were widely criticized by the public and the media. Many people felt that her behavior was inappropriate and disrespectful to the other students using the library. Others argued that she was simply exercising her right to express herself and that the incident should not have resulted in criminal charges.

Kendra Sunderland Interview

Impact on Oregon State University

The incident had a negative impact on Oregon State University’s reputation. The university was criticized for not doing enough to prevent the incident from happening and for not taking stronger action against Kendra Sunderland. It also brought negative attention to the university’s library, which was seen as a place where inappropriate behavior was tolerated.

Online Controversy

The video of Kendra Sunderland masturbating in the Oregon State University library sparked a great deal of controversy online. While some people defended her actions as a form of self-expression, others condemned her for disrespecting the library and other students. The incident also sparked debates about the role of pornography in society and the boundaries of free speech.

Kendra Sunderland Porn Star

Kendra Sunderland Today

Kendra Sunderland has since become a successful adult film actress and webcam model. She has appeared in numerous adult films and has a large following on social media. Despite the controversy surrounding her initial claim to fame, she has been able to build a lucrative career in the adult industry.


The incident involving Kendra Sunderland’s 30-minute video at the Oregon State University library was a controversial and highly publicized event. While it sparked debates about the boundaries of free speech and the role of pornography in society, it also had a negative impact on the university’s reputation and brought negative attention to the library. Regardless of one’s opinion on the incident, it remains a significant moment in the history of the university and the wider cultural landscape.

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