Lost Frequencies Ft James Blunt Melody Official Music Video

Lost Frequencies Ft James Blunt Melody Official Music Video


The music industry is constantly evolving, and there is no shortage of talented artists out there. Lost Frequencies and James Blunt are two artists who have made a name for themselves in the industry. When they collaborated on the song “Melody,” it was an instant hit. The official music video for the song is a must-watch for any music lover.

The Artists

Lost Frequencies is the stage name of Belgian DJ and music producer Felix De Laet. He first gained attention with his remix of “Are You with Me” by Easton Corbin. The track was a massive hit and topped the charts in several countries. James Blunt, on the other hand, is an English singer-songwriter who is best known for his hit song “You’re Beautiful.”

Lost Frequencies Music Producer

The Song

“Melody” is a catchy and upbeat track that features Blunt’s signature vocals. The song was released in 2018 and quickly became a fan favorite. It’s a perfect blend of Lost Frequencies’ electronic beats and Blunt’s pop sensibilities. The song tells the story of a man who is searching for love and finds it in a beautiful melody.

James Blunt You'Re Beautiful

The Music Video

The official music video for “Melody” is a visual treat. It was directed by Belgian filmmaker Alex Vanhee and features stunning shots of the Belgian countryside. The video follows Lost Frequencies as he travels through the countryside, playing his music and spreading joy wherever he goes. Blunt makes an appearance in the video, singing the chorus of the song in a beautiful field.

Belgian Countryside

The Reception

“Melody” was well-received by fans and critics alike. The song peaked at number 13 on the Belgian Ultratop 50 chart and has been streamed millions of times on platforms like Spotify and YouTube. The music video has also been viewed millions of times, with fans praising its stunning visuals and heartwarming message.

Lost Frequencies Live Performance

The Impact

“Melody” has had a significant impact on Lost Frequencies’ career. The song helped him gain more recognition in the industry and solidify his position as one of the top DJs and music producers in the world. For Blunt, the collaboration was a chance to explore his creative side and experiment with a different genre of music.


If you’re a fan of Lost Frequencies or James Blunt, you need to watch the official music video for “Melody.” It’s a beautiful tribute to the power of music and the joy it can bring to people’s lives. The song and video are proof that when two talented artists come together, they can create something truly special.

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