Nat King Cole And Natalie Cole Unforgettable Music Video

Nat King Cole And Natalie Cole Unforgettable Music Video

The Beginning of Nat King Cole’s Career

Nat King Cole was born in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1919. He grew up in Chicago and started his music career as a pianist, playing in clubs and bars. In the 1940s, he formed the Nat King Cole Trio, which became very popular and helped establish him as a successful musician.

Nat King Cole Pianist

The Success of “Unforgettable”

One of Nat King Cole’s most famous songs is “Unforgettable,” which he recorded in 1951. The song became a huge hit and is now considered a classic. In 1991, Nat’s daughter, Natalie Cole, released an album called “Unforgettable: With Love,” which featured a duet with her father.

Unforgettable Album Cover

Natalie Cole’s Music Career

Natalie Cole was born in Los Angeles in 1950. She began singing at a young age and released her first album, “Inseparable,” in 1975. Over the years, she released many successful albums and won several Grammy Awards.

Natalie Cole Singer

The Making of the “Unforgettable” Music Video

In 1991, Natalie Cole decided to record a duet with her father, using his original recording of “Unforgettable” as the basis. The music video for the song was directed by Paul Hunter and featured footage of Nat King Cole’s performances, as well as new footage of Natalie singing alongside her father.

Unforgettable Music Video

The Impact of the “Unforgettable” Music Video

The “Unforgettable” music video was a huge success and helped introduce Nat King Cole’s music to a new generation. The video was played frequently on MTV and VH1 and won several awards, including the MTV Video Music Award for Best Video from a Film.

Natalie Cole And Nat King Cole

The Legacy of Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole

Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole both left a lasting impact on the music industry. Nat was one of the first African American musicians to achieve mainstream success, and his smooth, jazz-influenced sound inspired many artists who came after him. Natalie continued her father’s musical legacy and became a beloved singer in her own right. Together, they created a timeless classic with their duet on “Unforgettable.”

Legacy Of Nat King Cole And Natalie Cole

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