Samuel L Jackson Go The Fok To Sleep Video

Samuel L Jackson Go The Fok To Sleep Video

The Backstory

Samuel L Jackson is known for his iconic roles in movies like Pulp Fiction, Snakes on a Plane, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But in 2011, he took on a different kind of project – a reading of the children’s book “Go The F*** To Sleep” by Adam Mansbach.

The book, which was illustrated by Ricardo Cortés, is a humorous take on the frustration parents feel when their kids won’t go to bed. It features rhyming verses and colorful illustrations, but with explicit language that is definitely not suitable for children.

When Mansbach’s book went viral, Jackson’s reading of it quickly followed suit. The video, which was produced by Audible, has since racked up millions of views on YouTube and other social media platforms.

The Video

In the video, Jackson’s trademark deep voice reads the book’s verses with all the gravitas of a Shakespearean actor. His delivery is both funny and relatable, capturing the exasperation and exhaustion that parents feel when trying to get their kids to sleep.

The video is also notable for its use of bleeps to censor the book’s explicit language. Jackson’s deadpan delivery of lines like “I know you’re not thirsty, that’s bullshit, stop lying” only adds to the humor of the piece.

Overall, the video is a perfect example of how humor and irreverence can be used to tackle a common parenting struggle. It’s no wonder that it became a cultural phenomenon almost overnight.

The Legacy

Since the video’s release, “Go The F*** To Sleep” has become a cultural touchstone. It has been referenced in TV shows like American Dad and The Office, and has even been parodied by other celebrities like Jennifer Garner and Bryan Cranston.

The book itself has also been a massive success, selling millions of copies worldwide. Mansbach has since written several other books in a similar vein, including “You Have to F***ing Eat” and “F***, Now There Are Two of You.”

For Jackson, the video remains a beloved part of his legacy. It’s just one more example of how he can take even the most unexpected project and turn it into gold.

The Bottom Line

Samuel L Jackson’s “Go The Fok To Sleep” video is a hilarious take on a common parenting struggle. With his trademark delivery and irreverent humor, Jackson brings Mansbach’s book to life in a way that is both relatable and entertaining. It’s no wonder that the video has become a cultural phenomenon, and that it continues to be beloved by parents and non-parents alike.

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