The Century America’s Time Shell Shock Video Questions Answer Key

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The Century America’s Time is a documentary series produced by ABC News and the History Channel. The series covers the major events and figures in American history from the turn of the 20th century to the present day. One episode of the series, titled “Shell Shock”, explores the impact of World War I on the mental health of soldiers, and how it led to the development of the concept of shell shock.

What was Shell Shock?

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Shell shock was a term used during World War I to describe the physical and psychological symptoms experienced by soldiers who had been exposed to the trauma of combat. The symptoms included shaking, nightmares, anxiety, and other psychological and physical reactions to the stress of war.

What caused Shell Shock?

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The causes of shell shock were not well understood at the time, but it was believed to be the result of the physical and emotional stress of prolonged exposure to combat. Soldiers who had been exposed to heavy artillery fire or had witnessed the deaths of their comrades were particularly susceptible to developing shell shock.

How was Shell Shock treated?

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At the time, there was no effective treatment for shell shock, and soldiers who exhibited symptoms were often stigmatized and even punished for their perceived weakness. However, some doctors and psychologists began to recognize that shell shock was a legitimate medical condition and began to develop new treatments, including psychotherapy and hypnosis.

What was the impact of Shell Shock on soldiers?

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The impact of shell shock on soldiers was significant, both during and after the war. Many soldiers who experienced shell shock were unable to return to combat and were often sent home or discharged from the military. Others continued to suffer from the symptoms of shell shock for years after the war ended, leading to long-term psychological and physical health problems.

Why is Shell Shock important in American history?

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Shell shock is important in American history because it represents a turning point in how the military and society as a whole understood and treated mental illness. The recognition of shell shock as a legitimate medical condition paved the way for the development of modern treatments for mental health issues, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


The Century America’s Time “Shell Shock” episode provides a valuable insight into the impact of World War I on soldiers’ mental health and the development of the concept of shell shock. The episode highlights the importance of recognizing and treating mental illness, particularly in the context of war and trauma. By shedding light on this important topic, the episode contributes to a better understanding of American history and the ongoing challenges faced by soldiers and veterans today.

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