Uncle Roger Disgusted By This Egg Fried Rice Video

Uncle Roger Disgusted By This Egg Fried Rice Video

Uncle Roger, a fictional character created by Malaysian comedian Nigel Ng, has taken the internet by storm with his hilarious and often cringe-worthy reactions to cooking videos on YouTube. In a recent video, Uncle Roger expressed his disgust over a BBC Food video that showed how to make egg fried rice.

The Video That Sparked Uncle Roger’s Disgust

Egg Fried Rice Video

The video in question was created by BBC Food presenter Hersha Patel, who demonstrated how to make egg fried rice. However, Uncle Roger found the video to be highly offensive, as it contained several mistakes that are considered taboo in Asian cooking.

For starters, Hersha used a metal spoon to stir the rice, which is a big no-no in Chinese cooking. Uncle Roger pointed out that metal spoons can scratch the surface of the wok, causing it to lose its non-stick coating and ruining the dish.

Furthermore, Hersha used pre-cooked rice that was not properly cooled down before frying. This caused the rice to become mushy and sticky, which is another big mistake in Asian cooking.

Uncle Roger’s Reaction

Uncle Roger

Uncle Roger’s reaction to the video was priceless. He started off by praising Hersha for her good looks, but quickly became agitated when she made the aforementioned mistakes. He went on a tirade, criticizing her every move and calling her out for disrespecting Asian culture.

He even went as far as to say that Hersha’s egg fried rice was worse than the one made by another YouTuber, whose video he had previously criticized for its use of a rice cooker.

The Aftermath

Uncle Roger Video Reaction

Uncle Roger’s reaction to the egg fried rice video quickly went viral, with many people finding his comments to be hilarious and relatable. The video has since amassed millions of views on YouTube and has even been featured on news outlets such as BBC and CNN.

Many people have also taken to social media to express their support for Uncle Roger and his mission to promote authentic Asian cooking. Some have even created their own reaction videos, in which they mimic Uncle Roger’s trademark catchphrases and mannerisms.

The Importance of Authentic Asian Cooking

Asian Cooking

Uncle Roger’s reaction to the egg fried rice video highlights the importance of authentic Asian cooking and the need to respect cultural traditions. Asian cuisine is known for its complex flavors and techniques, which can only be achieved through proper training and practice.

Using the wrong tools or techniques can result in a dish that is subpar and disrespectful to the culture it represents. It is important for chefs and home cooks alike to take the time to learn about the proper ways to prepare and cook Asian dishes.

The Final Verdict

Final Verdict

Uncle Roger’s reaction to the egg fried rice video may have been harsh, but it was also a wake-up call for many people who may not have realized the importance of authentic Asian cooking. His humorous approach to criticism has made him a beloved figure on social media and has helped to promote the importance of cultural respect in the culinary world.

So the next time you’re making egg fried rice, be sure to use a wooden spoon and properly cooled down rice. And if you’re ever in doubt, just remember Uncle Roger’s catchphrase: “Aiya, you’re killing me!”

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