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Domestic Violence

On July 22, 2021, a video began circulating on social media that showed an Iranian man carrying the severed head of his wife through the streets of Tehran. The man, identified as Morteza Bakhtiari, was arrested shortly after the video went viral.

The Details of the Video

Iranian Man With Severed Head

The video, which is graphic and disturbing, shows Bakhtiari carrying the head of his wife, who has been identified as Zahra Ismaili. Bakhtiari is seen walking through the streets with the head in his hand, while onlookers watch in horror.

According to reports, Bakhtiari had killed his wife after an argument over their daughter’s marriage. Ismaili had reportedly opposed the marriage, which led to a heated argument between the couple. Bakhtiari then allegedly killed his wife with a knife.

After killing his wife, Bakhtiari took her head and walked through the streets with it. He was eventually arrested by local authorities, who took him into custody.

The Tragic Reality of Domestic Violence in Iran

Domestic Violence In Iran

The video of Bakhtiari carrying his wife’s head is a shocking example of domestic violence in Iran. According to a report by the United Nations, domestic violence is a widespread problem in the country, with women being the primary victims.

Iranian law does not have specific provisions for domestic violence, and victims often face significant barriers when trying to seek justice. Many women are reluctant to come forward and report abuse, fearing social stigma and retaliation from their abusers.

The Iranian government has taken some steps to address domestic violence, including passing a law in 2019 that criminalizes certain forms of abuse. However, many activists argue that more needs to be done to protect victims and hold perpetrators accountable.

The Importance of Raising Awareness About Domestic Violence

Raising Awareness About Domestic Violence

The video of Bakhtiari carrying his wife’s head has sparked outrage and horror around the world. While the video is undoubtedly shocking, it is important to remember that domestic violence is a widespread problem that affects millions of women worldwide.

Raising awareness about domestic violence is crucial in the fight to end this epidemic. By educating people about the signs of abuse and the resources available to victims, we can help break the cycle of violence and create a safer world for everyone.


The video of Morteza Bakhtiari carrying his wife’s head is a tragic reminder of the devastating impact of domestic violence. While the circumstances surrounding the incident are still unclear, it is clear that more needs to be done to address this pervasive problem in Iran and around the world.

By raising awareness about domestic violence and supporting victims, we can work towards a future where everyone can live free from fear and violence.

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