Video Of Melania Trump’s Smile Fading At Braves Game

Melania Trump At Braves Game

Melania Trump’s public appearance at Braves Game

It was a sunny afternoon at the SunTrust Park stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, on October 14, 2019, as the Atlanta Braves played against the St. Louis Cardinals. The crowd was excited as usual, but their excitement was heightened when they spotted the First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump, in the stands.

Melania Trump Smiling At Braves Game

Melania Trump’s initial reactions at the game

Melania Trump was seated in the luxury box alongside other notable people, including Senator David Perdue, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, and his wife, Marty Kemp. The First Lady seemed to be enjoying herself as she watched the game and interacted with the people around her.

She was smiling, waving, and even taking selfies with some of the fans. The cameras were on her, and she was putting up a good show.

The turning point

However, something happened that changed her demeanor. The cameras caught her looking sad and her smile fading away. What could have happened?

Melania Trump With Serious Face At Braves Game

What caused Melania Trump’s smile to fade at the Braves Game?

According to some reports, the First Lady was booed by some of the fans as she made her way to the stadium. They also chanted “Lock him up” in reference to her husband, President Donald Trump.

It is not clear whether Melania Trump heard the chants, but it is believed that she did. This could have been the reason why her mood changed and her smile faded away.

Twitter reactions

The incident sparked a lot of reactions on social media, with some people showing sympathy for Melania Trump, while others felt that she deserved it.

One Twitter user wrote, “I’m not a fan of Melania Trump, but booing her at a baseball game is just tacky and disrespectful.”

Another user wrote, “Melania Trump getting booed at the Braves game gives me LIFE.”


The incident at the Braves game was an unfortunate one, and it goes to show how divided the country is politically. Melania Trump is a public figure, and she is bound to receive both positive and negative reactions from the public.

Whether or not she heard the chants, it is clear that her mood changed after the incident. It is important to remember that public figures are human beings too and they have feelings. It is important to treat them with respect and dignity, regardless of our political affiliations.

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