Video Of The 14 Year Old Falling Off The Ride

14 Year Old Falling Off Ride

A video showing a 14-year-old girl falling off a ride has been circulating on social media. The incident happened at an amusement park in upstate New York. The video shows the girl hanging off a gondola ride and falling about 25 feet to the ground below.

What Happened?

Amusement Park Ride

The incident happened on June 24, 2017, at The Great Escape and Splashwater Kingdom in Queensbury, New York. The girl was riding on the Sky Ride, a gondola ride that takes visitors on a scenic tour of the park. The girl was riding with her younger brother when she slipped out of her seat and was left hanging from the ride.

The ride operator noticed that something was wrong and stopped the ride. However, the girl slipped out of her grasp and fell about 25 feet to the ground.

What Are The Aftermaths?

Girl Injured

The girl suffered minor injuries from the fall and was taken to a local hospital. She was released a few days later and is expected to make a full recovery. The park released a statement saying that they are conducting a full investigation into the incident and are cooperating with authorities.

The video of the incident has sparked outrage and concern for the safety of amusement park rides. Many people are calling for stricter safety regulations and more thorough inspections of rides.

How Can Amusement Parks Ensure Safety?

Amusement Park Safety

Amusement parks have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their visitors. They can do this by following strict safety regulations and conducting thorough inspections of their rides. They should also provide adequate training to ride operators and have proper safety equipment on hand in case of emergencies.

Visitors can also take steps to ensure their own safety. They should always follow the rules and guidelines of the rides, and should never try to ride a ride that they are not physically or mentally capable of handling.


The incident at The Great Escape and Splashwater Kingdom is a reminder of the importance of amusement park safety. It is important for amusement parks to take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of their visitors, and for visitors to take responsibility for their own safety.

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