Video Shows Shoprite Worker Daniel Gil Slap Rudy Giuliani

Shoprite Worker Daniel Gil Slap Rudy Giuliani

A video has emerged of a Shoprite worker, Daniel Gil, slapping Rudy Giuliani in the face at a New York City store. The former mayor of New York was visiting the store while on a campaign stop for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

In the video, Giuliani can be seen walking through the store with a group of people when Gil approaches him and slaps him in the face. Giuliani stumbles backwards as his security team quickly intervenes.

Who is Daniel Gil?

Daniel Gil Shoprite

Daniel Gil is a Shoprite worker who has now become famous for slapping former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani. Gil has been identified as a member of the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) union, which represents workers at Shoprite.

According to reports, Gil was not happy with Giuliani’s visit to the store and decided to take matters into his own hands. It is not clear what specifically upset Gil, but it is believed to be related to Giuliani’s support of Donald Trump.

What happened after the incident?

Rudy Giuliani Security Team

After the incident, Giuliani’s security team quickly intervened and Gil was escorted out of the store. Giuliani did not suffer any serious injuries and continued his campaign stop as planned.

Gil was later arrested by the New York City Police Department and charged with assault. He is currently awaiting trial.

Reaction to the incident

Reaction To Daniel Gil Slapping Rudy Giuliani

The incident sparked a lot of reaction on social media, with many people expressing support for Gil and his actions. Others condemned the incident and called for Gil to be punished for his actions.

Donald Trump, for his part, did not directly address the incident but did tweet about his visit to the store, saying “Thank you New York for your amazing support!”

Impact on the election

Impact On The Election

The incident did not have a significant impact on the election, but it did generate a lot of media attention. Some pundits speculated that the incident could hurt Trump’s chances in New York, but ultimately he lost the state to Hillary Clinton by a wide margin.

Overall, the incident was a minor footnote in a heated and divisive campaign season.

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