Yolanda Del Rio La Hija De Nadie Video Oficial

Yolanda Del Rio La Hija De Nadie Video Oficial


If you are a fan of Mexican music, you might have heard of Yolanda Del Rio. She is a famous singer and actress who has won many hearts with her beautiful voice and stunning performances. One of her most popular songs is La Hija De Nadie, which has also been turned into a music video. In this article, we will discuss Yolanda Del Rio La Hija De Nadie Video Oficial and why it is worth watching.

About Yolanda Del Rio

Yolanda Del Rio was born in Mexico in 1955. She started her career as a singer in the 1970s and quickly became popular for her unique voice and style. She has released many albums and singles over the years and has won several awards for her work. In addition to music, Yolanda has also acted in many films and TV shows. She is considered one of the most influential artists in Mexican music history.

The Story Behind La Hija De Nadie

La Hija De Nadie is a song about a woman who is abandoned by her father and left to fend for herself. The lyrics describe the pain and loneliness she feels as she tries to survive on her own. The song is a powerful reminder of the struggles many people face in life and the importance of resilience and strength.

La Hija De Nadie

The Music Video

The music video for La Hija De Nadie was released in 1985 and quickly became a hit. It was directed by Gustavo Garzon and features Yolanda Del Rio singing in various settings, including a desert and a church. The video is a beautiful visual representation of the song’s themes and emotions.

The Impact of La Hija De Nadie

La Hija De Nadie is considered one of Yolanda Del Rio’s most iconic songs. It has been covered by many other artists and continues to be a popular choice for fans of Mexican music. The song’s message of resilience and strength has resonated with many people over the years, making it a timeless classic.


If you are a fan of Yolanda Del Rio or Mexican music in general, La Hija De Nadie Video Oficial is definitely worth watching. It is a beautiful and powerful representation of one of the most iconic songs in Mexican music history. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the stunning visuals and beautiful voice of Yolanda Del Rio.

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