You Ll Be In My Heart Official Music Video

You'Ll Be In My Heart Official Music Video


“You’ll Be In My Heart” is a song by Phil Collins, which was featured in the 1999 Disney animated film, Tarzan. The song won an Academy Award for Best Original Song and a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song. The official music video of the song was released on YouTube on September 16, 2009, and has since garnered millions of views.

The Plot of the Music Video

The music video of “You’ll Be In My Heart” features clips from the movie Tarzan, interwoven with footage of Phil Collins singing the song in a studio. The video shows the bond between Tarzan and his mother, Kala, who takes him in as her own after he is orphaned as a baby. The video also shows Tarzan’s journey to find his place in the world and his eventual reunion with Jane, the love of his life.

The Plot Of The Music Video

The Lyrics of the Song

The lyrics of “You’ll Be In My Heart” speak of the unconditional love between a mother and child, and how that love will endure even when they are physically apart. The song’s chorus goes:

“Cause you’ll be in my heartYes, you’ll be in my heartFrom this day onNow and forevermore”

The song has become a popular choice for mothers and sons to dance to at weddings, as well as a popular song for parents to sing to their children.

The Lyrics Of The Song

The Legacy of the Song

“You’ll Be In My Heart” has become one of Phil Collins’ most popular songs, and has been covered by numerous artists, including Usher and Kenny Loggins. The song has also been used in various TV shows and commercials, and has become a beloved song for many Disney fans.

The Legacy Of The Song


“You’ll Be In My Heart” is a timeless song that speaks to the power of love and the bond between a parent and child. The official music video of the song captures the spirit of the movie Tarzan and the emotional resonance of the lyrics. It’s no wonder that the song has become a classic and a favorite among Disney fans.

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